Brainstorm Consultant

January 31, 2011 § Leave a comment

I met with Sam briefly to discuss her, at the time upcoming, brainstorm session. We talked about potential topics and things to consider while facilitating. I was also able to share two books that I sometimes refer to when working on an ideation session – Thinkertoys and the Getting to Innovation. Both books have provided unique insight and help with ideation and the creative problem solving process.

One thing that I’ve been able to do while at grad school is to find outside books and articles to broaden my exposure to design thinking, process and leadership. The books above are some of the outside sources I hope to be able to share with Sam.


Mentor/Protege Goals

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I’ve been paired with Samantha Julka in the MFA mentor/protege experiment educational activity this semester. To acquire a direction for this I looked at a few advice columns for positive and beneficial mentorships. I collected a few ideas that felt important and relevant to the context of education and career that we are currently in. In addition to serving as a friend and homework consultant I want to use the time this semester to hit on the following topics:

  • learn about outside-of-school Sam
  • discuss vision and goals for school and career
  • identify 1-3 objectives for mentorship
  • discuss related outside content
  • strengths/weaknesses
  • identify school-related stresses and fears
  • near the end, reflect on lessons learned, directions taken, things left to accomplish

As I meet with Sam I will try to work the above themes into our conversations.

Leadership The Butler Way

January 11, 2011 § 1 Comment

Since we began dating, one of the favorite things for my wife and I to do is attend basketball games at her alma mater, Butler University. It certainly helped our enjoyment of the games and team that during that time they’ve risen to nearly the top of the college basketball world with their near miss in the NCAA championship game in 2010. During their run it became popular for pundits to talk about “The Butler Way‘” as if it was their magical elixir. Intrigued, I investigated The Way and have come to respect the leadership values that it promotes.

Developed by the patriarch of Butler coaches, Tony Hinkle (Hinkle Fieldhouse), to offer guidance for his players and students, The Way demands commitment, denies selfishness and accepts reality, yet seeks constant improvement while promoting the good of the team above self. It has developed today into a backbone of their basketball teams, the athletic department and other elements of the school. Courtesy of Wikipedia, here is the Butler Way as it appears in their basketball locker room:

  1. Humility – know who we are, strengths and weaknesses
  2. Passion – do not be lukewarm, commit to excellence
  3. Unity – do not divide our house, team first
  4. Servanthood – make teammates better, lead by giving
  5. Thankfulness – learn from every circumstance

When I looked into the principles last Spring I immediately identified connections between values that I share as well as thoseĀ  espoused by the MFA in Visual Communications program at IU’s Herron School of Art and Design. Let’s discuss the way that I envision the principles:

Humility – being honest about our abilities and situations better lets us leverage our talents and mediate and build on our weaknesses, be this individually or as an organization

Passion – having a desire to succeed regardless of the sacrifice necessary has pushed many from good to great

Unity – having teammates to share the load, hold us accountable, talk honestly with, commiserate and rebound with, and to celebrate successes with is vital to many projects, if not life

Servanthood – it is necessary for us all to be servants at times and leading by giving is incredibly valuable and rewarding both for a team and within an individual

Thankfulness – sometimes a loss or critique may hurt, but we should be thankful for the opportunity regardless as there is much to be learned from painful moments as well as those instances when we come out on top

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