Thesis Research Proposal

December 8, 2010 § Leave a comment

The culmination of our thesis class this semester was our thesis proposal, which consisted of a research question and sub-questions, justification, limitations, and literature review. Our next semester will consist of conducting research to answer our question and coming to some conclusion, either a new theory, process, product, or something else. Oh, and writing about it all in at least 5 million words or so (maybe less).

It’s been an interesting process, from being set out into the wilderness and told to come back with some game in 16 weeks. We could at least return to camp to ask what this game might look like, how we might spot its tracks, sneak up on it and then slay it. We also had brothers in arms to confer with about the process, share insights, weapons and hunting techniques. I think we’ve all returned to camp, some worse for wear than the others, but bearing our game in nice shiny packages none the less.

Click here to read my thesis proposal. (PDF document)


Research- “Into,” “For,” or “Through”- Design

November 19, 2010 § Leave a comment

As my master’s thesis research proposal approaches being completed, I’ve been considering exactly what the research aspect can and will be. My research proposal – including question and subquestions, justification, and limitations – will determine the type of research but it helps to have a conceptual model to explore and offer guidance.

Previously, I had heard of design research having three types – “for,” “through” and “of” (rather than “into”) – and had my own mental model of such a concept. Today I came across a blog with nice insight into the types of design research and that uses essentially the same model. It’s helpful to read the thoughts of someone else going through a similar process (design research for their PhD) and see a visual model and accompanying explanation of their understanding.

Although I have not met you, I am going to refer to you by your given name. Thanks, Sheila!

Types and approaches of (Design) research
by Sheila Pontis

Secrets of Success

September 3, 2010 § Leave a comment

I was watching some videos on TED today and came across this one from 2005 that seems relevant to my research. Within Richard St’ John’s “8 Secrets of Success” are “passion” and to “do good.” Seems relevant to vocation and philosophy to me.

Do you have any secrets to success? Please share them  in the comments section if you do (especially if they relate to successful thesis projects!).

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