Proposed Proposal Work

October 27, 2010 § Leave a comment

After submitting our proposals our instructor suggested insisted that we create an action plan for completing the proposal by the end of the semester (and as it turns out, creating a poster to share our proposal with others). I feel pretty good about where my work is at the moment and feel as if I my main work is in refinement and in getting feedback and/or approval so that I feel comfortable moving forward. Of course, now that I have my thesis committee members as well I need to begin establishing a working relationship with them.

I’ll tack a copy of my action plan near my desk, but if you want to check up on me you can download your very own copy as well.


Action Planning

September 15, 2010 § Leave a comment

For the first semester of our thesis class we will need to produce a thesis project proposal. The proposal consists of: researchable question, sub questions, justification, limitations, literature review and a research plan for the second semester.

The first draft of the proposal is due Oct. 26. To ensure that I have the draft completed on time I created an “Action Plan for the Thesis Proposal Draft.” To do this I identified what content I needed to produce (see above) and the actions I would need to take to develop the content. These actions essentially consisted of research, writing, creating visuals, talking with faculty, refinement, more research and decision making. Some sub-level actions needed to meet other demands of class include regular blogging and creating visualizations.

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